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MetroMPG 02-23-2019 08:31 PM

Here we go again! Ford tells EPA that some of its own MPG ratings may be wrong
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Ford has informed the EPA that internal checks have discovered potentially mis-stated fuel economy / emissions ratings.

The company has hired an independent firm to audit its processes and determine the extent of the problem.

We don't know how many models may be affected, but they're starting with the brand new (to the U.S./Canada) mid-size Ranger pickup.

The problem is in the "road load" value, which is used to set up the dynamometer to mimic real-world aerodynamic & rolling resistance during the various drive-cycles that determine MPG / emissions.


While the investigation goes on, Ford said the are looking at potential changes to their road-load modeling process, which includes engineering, technical and governance components.
I wonder how far back this goes. I can tell you the Ford Edge ratings from about 5 years ago were way optimistic.

Monkeying with the road load value has caused big problems for other manufacturers in the past:

Thread: Mitsubishi busted for cheating on fuel economy/emissions tests

That Japan-only "scandal" sunk Mitsu's share price to the point that Nissan swooped in and took over the company.

Road load monkey business happened at Hyundai too, and they were fined in the States. (Can't find the EM link though.)

niky 02-26-2019 09:16 PM

Mitsubishi is uniquely vulnerable to scandals. I recall they almost sunk the company in the 90's.

US manufacturers seem bulletproof, however. Short memories?

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