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Christopher Jordan 04-14-2016 10:10 PM

Here we go again! To Be or Not to Be?
We will have 10 years to figure this out:
Faraday Future Has A Virtual Ground Breaking Ceremony - Gas 2

MobilOne 04-14-2016 11:18 PM

re: Tucker
Years ago, 1950's, I knew a man who was an auto engineer for Tucker. He swore that GM forced them out of business.

Christopher Jordan 04-29-2016 12:01 AM

I don't know where I found links but LeEco and Faraday have opened in SiliconValley (San Jose) also- with Las Vegas as well. They have a complete web site too. I saw a video with a Facebook link so I clicked [like]. I hope to get new about how they are doing that way. Amazing to know what is going on less than 50 miles away!

Christopher Jordan 04-29-2016 12:16 AM



Hello, San Jose! Mind If We Make Ourselves At Home? | LeMe Community

Christopher Jordan 04-29-2016 05:28 PM

Part of welcome link:
Introducing our Autonomous Electric SuperCar: LeSEE | LeMe Community

freebeard 04-30-2016 01:05 AM

So who are you going to believe?

Las Vegas Review-Journal:
Nevada’s incorporation shell game finally gets global scrutiny it deserves

Panama offshore controversy driving big money to Rothschild's Nevada trusts TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles

Miami Herald:
Is there ever a good reason for setting up a shell company? | Miami Herald

Piotrsko 04-30-2016 12:39 PM


#1 noted for " for hire " truthful articles.

#2 like wikipedia except for lack of corrective editing.

#3 never heard of them.

got anything believable?

freebeard 04-30-2016 03:40 PM

#1 - noted

#2 -

#3 - Probably a local rag.


got anything believable?
Yeah, Faraday Futures. :)

Christopher Jordan 05-01-2016 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by Piotrsko (Post 513093)

got anything believable?

Aston Martin partners with China's LeEco to build first EV | LeftLaneNews

freebeard 05-01-2016 10:40 PM


The RapidE was developed with help from Williams Advanced Engineering, the battery supplier for Formula E electric race cars.
Williams is probably as big a deal as Aston Martin.

Christopher Jordan 05-03-2016 12:44 PM

More news from Jalopnic:
5th Gear: Chinese Tech Firms Go Big On Autos

Reuters has a report on how a Chinese automaker launched last year by a tech firm just poached autonomous driving staff from Google and Daimler. Other Chinese companies have snatched people from BMW and Tesla. Here’s the story:

A relaxation of restrictions on non-automakers producing electric cars in China has also encouraged more entrants. Video streamer cum automaker Le Holdings Co, or LeEco, unveiled an electric self-driving concept car ahead of the Beijing motor show, which ends on Wednesday.

Tencent, the Chinese maker of popular chat app WeChat, established Future Mobility to make electrified self-driving cars with Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd - also known as Foxconn - and car dealer China Harmony New Energy Auto Holding Ltd.

“If you’re measuring these firms (Future Mobility, LeEco and others) as automotive companies, the risks are very high and it’s a very long shot for any to make it,” said Bill Russo, managing director at consultancy Gao Feng Advisory Co. “Even Tesla has taken 10 years to earn respect.”

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