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alexander.foti 11-25-2008 07:06 PM

Hey, new guy over here!
Hi all.

I just joined the forums and am really interested in getting the 100+ mpg figures.

I drive a 125cc 4 stroke motorbike (Yamaha YBR125)

Really great bike and good fuel economy too (fuel injected)

looking into the viability of getting an mpguino for it.

how realistic do you think 100+mpg is?

alexander.foti 11-25-2008 07:07 PM

btw based in London, united kingdom (so wet and cold here!!)

cfg83 11-25-2008 08:06 PM

alexander.foti -

Welcome to EM! It sounds like a cool project to extend the MPGuino to your motorbike. I think user dcb is the expert, so I think he will chime in soon.


MetroMPG 11-26-2008 11:01 AM

I think 100 is within reach, but will depend on driving technique and speed.

Welcome to the forum. I'd love to see someone put fuel economy instrumentation on a bike. Please keep us posted on the idea.

Daox 11-26-2008 11:29 AM

Interesting project vehicle. Welcome to the site!

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