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royo-floydo 06-27-2022 05:11 AM

Hey Yo!
I just realized I haven't introduced myself.

I'm Roy and I'm new to the forum, so please bear with me.

I have 2019 Honda Accord Sport and right now I'm thinking of ways to maximize my car's mileage. Buying a new car is an option for me too. I just want a more fuel efficient mid-sized car or maybe a SUV because I do have kids.

Thanks and have a good one.

ECO-AKJ 06-27-2022 11:26 AM

What is your normal commute to work?

Ford has the Plug-In Hybrid escape that gets about 37 miles of all electric range and they still get close to 40MPG on the highway.

royo-floydo 06-29-2022 03:51 AM

The Accord is my daily. I got t 2 years ago before the pandemic started. It was my first "new" car since I only buy used cars before.

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