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Natalya 04-23-2016 09:09 AM

Hi Everyone
Hi guys, new member here. I recognize some people from Insight Central, I joined them last year after buying an Insight, but I often wound up lurking here so now I'm joining. :)

I have 2 cars:
2001 Honda Insight 5-Speed Manual
2006 Ford Mustang V6 Automatic (PP)

My dad bought the Mustang when it was new, and it was a daily driver since then until October or November last year. I got the Insight in September and my cousin and I worked on it for about a month until it could pass the safety inspection. At that point I parked the Mustang for the winter for the first time in its life.

Now it's spring and I've revived it from winter hibernation, but driving the Insight has me thinking all about MPG's all the time, and I want to get more out of the Mustang. That's why I'm here. :)

mcrews 04-23-2016 10:15 AM

Welcome!!! There are several v6 mustangs on here.... MustangDave ....
....And ULTARC wink wink!!!..
comes to mind!
Up the psi in the tires to 40+ for starters.

UltArc 04-23-2016 11:51 AM

I'm sure you've seen the tips and modifications up top, since you've been lurking :)

Also, take advantage of the search function- there has been a ton already thought of and attempted here, and people are great about responding to threads from years ago (cough cough, MCrews, like a few days ago).

I have had success with my Mustang, but if you are going to be going for FE in it, I HIGHLY suggest a ScanGauge or UltraGauge. The UG is a better all around monitoring tool, but the SC is a better testing tool in my opinion. Even for the price, I would still take the SC ($150), over the UG ($70).

Welcome aboard, and good luck! :)

cowmeat 04-23-2016 12:26 PM


I like the belly pan you are making for the Insight, looks a lot more legit than my first attempt. I need to free up some time and make one for my current Insight, I'll probably scam some ideas off yours

Mustang Dave 04-24-2016 05:32 PM

Welcome aboard, Natalya!
In my experience with the 4.0 Liter V-6 Mustang, the largest gains in MPG are from "adjusting the nut behind the steering wheel'. I'm running my tires at 50 PSI (sidewall max is 51 PSI).
Switching to 0W-30 synthetic motor oil from the factory 5W-30 gained about 1/2 MPG. Installing an ASP under-drive crankshaft pulley gained close to 1 MPG - I made it through this past Winter without dropping below 31 MPG. :)

Try to limit your RPM to 2500 while accelerating (most of the time, if you can ;) ), limit your freeway speed to 65 MPH (if you can).

Natalya 04-28-2016 10:21 PM

On the weekend I checked the tire sidewalls, saw the max pressure is 51 psi. I tried them out at 46~ and it seemed to help without hurting ride quality. I'm going to try 50 this weekend.

Daox 04-29-2016 08:31 AM

Welcome to the site! Nice pair of cars you got there. :)

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