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bestclimb 09-07-2010 02:06 AM

hmmm what to do
Ok so I have a line on an 85 diesel jetta for 200 bucks.

So it sits with a broken shifter shaft. Not a big deal a small tube and some JB weld or roll pins will have that fixed.

Big problem is no key and he needs it gone by Wednesday.

should I...
A) call a VW dealership with the VIN and get them to make me a key. after I fire up the truck, rent a dolly and drag it home. $45 for the dolly 10 bucks for the gas after I drive the truck to work and then to get the vw then home.
B) Use a big screw driver, a hammer and a pair of vice grips and turn the key tumbler to "disengage" the steering wheel lock then Hot wire the car? Then use a couple toggles and a snazzy protected push button for a starter button. cob the thing into 2nd or 3rd gear and limp home 5 miles past 2 stop lights? $15 for switches.
c) Forget the whole thing because I am quite buzy now and have to get ready for a moose hunt.

bikin' Ed 09-07-2010 08:01 AM

Call a tow company w/ a flatbed. They can drag it up and then put it just about exactly where you want it.

RobertSmalls 09-07-2010 09:25 AM

If it's got non-superficial rust, C.

bestclimb 09-07-2010 11:24 AM

Rusr is not bad

RobertSmalls 09-07-2010 11:50 AM

No key... does it start and run?

I like Option B, but can you get a complete set of lock cylinders and key at the J/Y?

dcb 09-07-2010 11:59 AM

4130 Products - Step-By-Step

drive it home with the ignition bits apart. use a jumper to the fuel cutoff solenoid and bump start it if necessary. get fancy after you get home.

edit: but get it, $200 is a no-brainer if you have room for such a project and a path to a clear title.

bestclimb 09-07-2010 12:31 PM

Starts and runs good with bits of stereo wire stuck into the connector for the ignition switch. Has clear title.

bestclimb 09-08-2010 01:56 AM

Did not bring the car home, guy said the tires would be round, one was not. Gonna try tomorrow. Used the blunt force applied to a small area to destroy the key part. Then snipped the starter wire, and stripped a bit of the hot wire insulation. turned the guts to disengage the lockout, and stuck it in 3rd and it moved under it's own power.

bestclimb 09-09-2010 02:15 AM

Buhahahaha, the jetta is home. I need to either remove or replace calvin on the back window urinating on the words "spark plugs"

Stuck it in 3rd and with a bit of insulation stripped from a hot wire and the starter wire exposed for starting. Got the thing running and drove it home. All I need to do now is wire up some switches, fix the shifter, exterior door handle on passenger side, and come up with a key for the door locks.

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