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Vince-HX 08-17-2008 10:48 PM

Honda civic fan speed control possible mod
This is a post about honda and their use of a resistor pack fan speed controller.

I found out about this little wasteful item halfway through a air conditioning mod. The little speed controller needed to be relocated to make way for some ducting and I actually burned myself on it on accident.

Anyway, on any speed other then full blast (4) the resistor pack is creating a good amount of heat. And do you know where that heat is going? Right into the air that you have on trying to cool off. The actual resistor elements are located within the blower fan shroud.

I'm really curious to see how many amps the blower is still pulling on lower fan speeds. Need to break out the multimeter.

Does anyone know where to locate a switching variable fan speed control so I can keep up efficiency on lower fan speeds? That would be the best solution I think. The control needs to have at least a 7.5 amp capacity.

Here is a nice little writeup on the control with pix. Tech/Misc: Blower Motors Works on speeds 3/4 but not 1/2 - FIX + How-To

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