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retepsnikrep 09-18-2010 10:06 PM

Honda Insight MK1 BCM Gauge
I have developed an lcd display which I hope will interest Insight Mk1 enthusiasts.

It integrates directly with the OEM BCM (Battery Control Module) and displays.

Battery Volts
Battery Current
Battery Soc
Battery Temp
Fan Status

All this info is gathered by the stock system. I'm collating and further processing it with a little 50x40mm pcb which then drives a small backlit 16x2 serial lcd display very similiar to the Scangauge look.

It only involves 4 connection taps in the IPU compartment (power, ground and two to the BATTSCI data lines) an ultra miniature screened cable will take the signals to the front of the car where you can mount the gauge pcb and the LCD in whatever housing or position you want. The unit is activate when the ignition is on.

The component cost is minimal. I supply it as a kit including the programmed pic, but minus the serial display which can be bought locally saving postage.

The pcb has ICSP fitted for program updates, and a spare in/out connector. It is possible to dump the BCM data via the spare connector to a connected PC directly into an Excel spreadsheet or use a switch to enable a sub display of codes.

The latest version of the software has a 5 way menu switch upgrade and supports the following extra features below.

1) Addition of 5 way switch for option selection and menu control.
2) Selectable Lcd backlight brightness high/low.
3) Full raw hex data dump on/off.
4) Splash screens on/off.
5) Hex Display on/off.
6) Converted hex dump on/off.
7) Temp centigrade or farenheit.
8) Extended Soc display on/off. (Dummy 10ah Battery) (Not working yet)
9) Reset Extended Soc.

Some install instructions and more info are available in this pdf

The following thread on the insight forum details the full history of the project.

If you want a gauge e-mail me at 150mpg(at) for details.

gone-ot 09-19-2010 05:16 PM

...very interesting project.

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