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ever_green 08-06-2016 07:51 PM

How is my driving - legacy 3.6L
I managed about 7.6L/100km on this run which is my usual drive downtown to my girlfriends place. The biggest problem is congestion but in this run I only hit red lights and no heavy traffic. I try to take advantage of the engine coasting feature at 800 rpm when you let off the gas or coast. I added this feature myself with an ECU flash or tune. Engine is disengaged from transmission through the differential. Sorry about the crappy roads and shakiness.

MobilOne 08-08-2016 01:53 AM

I fell asleep half way thru. Exactly what should happen with ecomodder driving. You could use some spark noise suppression.

MJamson 08-09-2016 11:01 AM

I think that it would help alot to see the road in the video, it would provide alot more information about how you are driving.

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