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Cd 05-27-2012 06:15 PM

How is my neighbor driving a Seat Leon in TEXAS ?
I noticed a car in my apartment complex that i had never seen before with a badge i was not familiar with.
I saw the guy as he was driving away one day and asked what it was.
It is a 'Seat Leon'
I didn't have time to ask how he got the car here, but have since noticed that the car still has Mexican plates.

I did a little research on the car, and besides sleek styling, the car is also offered in a TDI version that get 60+ ( U.S. ) MPG.

There is even a hybrid TDI version , An LPG version , and an all electric version planned .

source :SEAT León - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

mcrews 05-27-2012 06:29 PM

Is he a 'snow bird'?
When I lived in SanAntonio 20 yrs ago, half my condominium complex was owned by Mexican Nationals.
THey would fly/drive up forseveral months at a time.
You can bring a car in for 'travel purposes'

gone-ot 05-27-2012 06:46 PM

...according to that WIKI link, it's basically a re-skined VW.

Piwoslaw 05-28-2012 04:43 AM

I wonder whether the Mexican version differs much from the European version? Maybe emissions?
There are lots of cars in Mexico and South America which aren't sold in the US and Canada, so maybe you could buy one there?

JasonG 05-28-2012 01:33 PM

IIRC its basically a VW Golf.

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