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Hobbesva 11-17-2016 10:39 AM


I'm really looking forward to digesting some of the knowledge here to get better mileage out of the 2000 VW Beetle TDI that I recently acquired and have begun modding (I got 46mpg city on my first tank and 58mpg on a short 149 highway run). I am neither new to diesels (the VW is my 6th diesel vehicle) nor the idea of eco-modding. My very first vehicle as a teenager was a 1980 VW rabbit NA diesel that I modded through sheer guess work (aka stupidity) with the intention of getting more power out of it. Although I got a slight increase in power, I got a nice increase in MPG. I reached an average of 62mpg before my stupidity caught up with me. I went way too far on the mods that I did to the injection pump and caused the dreaded "runaway diesel" condition. IMHO, You have not lived until you have to change your shorts multiple times after being behind the wheel of a "runaway". I have also modded a few Mercedes Benz Turbo diesels as well (the best was the 300sd that was getting 41mpg average). My most modded diesel was a Dodge Ram with a Cummins Turbo Diesel. The short while that it was still stock, 19mpg was the best fe that I could get. After mods that raised the power (as measured at the wheels) to 448hp and 1071 lb/ft of torque, I could get 28mpg on the highway when driven carefully. Anyway, looking forward to benefiting from the braintrust here at ecomodder.

Daox 11-17-2016 11:06 AM

Welcome to the site. That is some good diesel history. Looking forward to seeing your mods and mileage. :thumbup:

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