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Greggers72 04-17-2011 11:58 PM

Howdy Howdy Howdy
I'm a newbie here, kicking things off with a quote from the movie "Toy Story."

I drive a 2010 Ford Focus 4 door SEL with auto tranny, I have an factory onboard fuel consumption computer.

Fuel here in Calgary, Ab, Canada runs $1.18-1.20/L and is projected to hit $1.50/L and I'm looking at my mileage which is averaging 27-30mpg in my daily city commute of 18.4 km with a temperature of -2 to +5 (centigrees, I roughly 34 to 45 degrees farenheit I think). I bought the car second hand, it was a rental ar so it had 26,000 kms on it and obviously past the break in period.

I am a minister, so the pay day is pretty slim and I am looking to save as much as I can, where I can, and fuel mileage is an obvious place, so here I am.

That's my intro.

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