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California98Civic 06-22-2016 12:47 PM

Hybrid Corvair project
I searched EM and did not find this guy here, so I post to share with the community. He seems to be in Vermont. He has great body and mechanical skills, loves old rides, and seems savvy about the salvage industry and the auto/mechanics industry generally. In four vids he chronicles a remarkable series hybrid project start. Then the vids seem to just stop coming somewhere in 2014. Anyone know this project?

FYI, the first vid is just orientation to the Corvair, second is all test drive in it (stock), third is the discussion of the salvage EV he bought as a donor, fourth is a tour of good bodywork he was doing on a Jetta (?) and then a diesel engine he acquired.

He does get a little political about New World Order stuff in a few places... I stay away from politics in these forums and have no opinion to express on his opinions ... you can FF through those sections if you like...


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