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P-hack 03-11-2014 11:55 AM

I hate the way this forum steals ideas!!
You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!

On an unrelated note Singing Dancing Boy Upset | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

t vago 03-11-2014 12:12 PM

We are the Forum
Lower your shields and surrender your ships
We will add your technological and biological distinctiveness to our own
Your ideas will service us
Resistance is futile

sarguy01 03-11-2014 12:18 PM

Pick up trucks should be illegal.

brucey 03-11-2014 12:49 PM

Cars should be illegal!

Flakbadger 03-11-2014 01:01 PM

Illegality should be illegal.

Frank Lee 03-11-2014 01:04 PM

You will be assimilated.

sarguy01 03-11-2014 01:13 PM

You know, the whole 1,200 rpm comment in the cylinder thread made me wonder. How many gears would a car need with a usable rpm range of 600ish rpm?? I am assuming a 600 idle and 1,200 red line.

I think semi trucks have a little more range than that.

niky 03-11-2014 01:34 PM

Depends, is it a European or an African Swallow?


Depends on how much torque it makes.

Jay Leno's Blastolene Special redlines at just 2,900 rpm. Six gears only, but over 3,000 ft lbs of torque.

The Merlin-powered "Beast" uses a three-speed box. That engine revs to just 3k rpm. There's a Merlin-powered Rover that does 160 mph at 2,000 rpm. It could do 96 mph at 1,200 rpm in the same gear, then.

If you have enough torque, shifting down to 600 rpm on each shift, I'd say ten or twelve gears might be enough... :D

sarguy01 03-11-2014 01:42 PM

I can add a two speed axle to my Civic and a turbo that is spooled by 650 rpm. We can make this work.

P-hack 03-11-2014 02:19 PM

it depends on weight too, the boss hoss has 1 gear, no complaints, easy 11 second 1/4 mile. more gears is an option.

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