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Chris D. 04-08-2008 04:11 PM

I took out a guy on a bicycle with my truck..
Hell of a night..

I plowed this guy on a bicycle and dragged his little lowrider under my truck for about 2 blocks

ok, so heres the scenario..

I'm at a buddies house thats in somewhat of a dodgy neighborhood.

We're kickin back, bs'in and watching a movie.. (kung pow - enter the fist)
when I here a WHACK!!!!! and my car alarm goes off..

I sprung off the recliner, out the door and saw this guy lookin at me as he fumbles trying to catch his feet on the peddles of some pos lowrider bike..
his buddies are a little ways down the street in the shadows as he struggles to catch up (peddles hitting the ground) its that low..

I do about a 10 second walk around, he wacked my mirror and dented/scratched my door (missed the window) and they broke this thunderbirds window across from my truck (its still popping and glass falling)
My alarm made em scatter..

Now I enter - Steve McQueen mode

my truck was facing the opposite direction,
so I swung it perfectly (open diff, wtf?!?) ok, trucks possessed.

I wanted to catch up to them to get a positive ID
they cut through a jack in the box parking lot and across the street..

I roll through the parking lot catching air and laying sparks as I land and I kick the clutch and slide it sideways in a drift smoking tire action sequence..

They got cookin on their bikes in a serious way when they saw that..

I can see the guy that was dicking with my truck and his bright green shoes were a dead giveaway..

I roll up beside him to get a good look at his clothes,
hes peddeling like a MF'er and we're doing at least 30mph.
My camera said the dial wasn't in the proper position so i tried to get that handeled just as I look out at the guy, he reaches into his flannel and branded a small firearm at me,
without hesitation I layed low and floored it, and I took his punk ass out with my truck,

He bounces off my bumper, catches at least 6' of air and actually landed on his feet with a little bit of road rash on his hand from catching himself just as one of his shoes flys off and hits my windsheild..

He lost the gun and now his bicycle is being drug down the street under my truck..

I"m throwing sparks like a bagged mini lighting up the whole neighborhood using a walmart bicycle as a drag block

Everything looks fine underneath, no leaks, ect.
I dragged it for a solid 2 blocks because I didnt want any more gun play aimed at me..

I go over train tracks, nadda, still stuck under there...

I pull into a dirt field and bounce off of it and its game on,
I back out, not much left of the bicycle, but a solid scrape mark all the way down the street..

I roll back around sittin low but keeping my speed up just in case
(dodgy neighborhood, gun incoddent that just happened, ect)

One of his shoes are still in the street and I didnt see the hand gun anywhere, but I didn't really stop to look around either..
This happened right in front of a bar with plenty of smoking whitness's

I get back to my buddies house and get on the horn right away to the police..

Told em the deal, they sent em out right away. (12 minutes) not too bad..

Not 15 minutes after the cops got there, they caught the guys involved..
I hopped in the police car to ID them, turns out according to the people that were outside the bar where I plowed the little fugger, they saw the kids come back for the shoe and the gun after I already got rid of the bicycle and rolled past em..

While in the car, I snapped a poor quality pic on my cell phone..
cant make out crap, but it validates the story a little more..

Turns out that this green mile looking mf'er is a minor..
blah blah blah, evolves into a citizens arrest, they never found the hand gun, ended up signing a paper, got a case # and thats that..

kids got priors with hand guns in school. so its not a shocker..

Kids just going to get picked up from juvi, about it..
So after thats all said and done, I head home
(about 20 minutes after we were said and done)

I pass by Juvi on my way home and the cop is there in the parking
lot filling out paper work with the guy in the back (small world)

heres some pictures

ModelE 10-29-2008 11:22 PM


(not sarcasm)

ankit 10-29-2008 11:40 PM

wow you have some balls. How did nobody respond to this until today, about 6 months after original post?

Funny 10-29-2008 11:57 PM

First Basjoos get slammed by someone doing a 100, Then Chris D. gets his phat whip busted up by some punks... What is this world coming to? Darin if you're reading this I would garage those sweet rides for a bit ;) Just kidding, but it does go to show that this world is becoming a much more dangerous place.

MetroMPG 10-30-2008 12:02 AM

Uh oh. I missed the basjoos thread. Searching now....

Frank Lee 10-30-2008 12:32 AM

Geez, that ain't Minnesota Nice. :mad:

Ah, that's from another era. :rolleyes:

Compaq888 10-30-2008 01:22 AM

good story. If he would of pulled the gun on me I would of swerved on to him and make sure my rear tires would drive over him. People like that don't deserve to live. You could of been killed. It's pretty easy to pull the trigger on a gun.

Chris D. 10-30-2008 01:30 AM

hmmm SVOboy nuked this thread a while back because I hit a bicyclist..

change of heart or a mistake is my guess..

This happened when i live in California..

if it isn't one thing its another tho..

I was doing 60mph in the slow lane on 94 north and there was nobody behind me..

then this newer Monte Carlo comes flying up my wazoo... Here in Minnesota people dont look ahead worth a crap so they do the last second lane change getting right up my ass...

I figured that guy was another one of those.. nope, he rode ass..

I didn't want to brake check anyone because I JUST got my truck out of the body shop..
So I tap my hazzards a few times (amber lights) so he'd get the hint to get out of my bubble..

he then started to get closer and highbeam me..

Now I know theres nothing falling, hanging or defective with my truck, so i'm not pulling over.. keep in mine, this is a 2 lane road and he could have easily gone around in the fast lane..

so hes flashing and honking, so i just turn off the cruise control and drop back to about 55mph when he gets on it and goes around me, cuts me off and slams on the brakes..

I truely didn't expect that..

So at this point I turn my California on and give em a tap back.. I couldn't make out their plate because they had those gawdy loud eagle american flag plates that I couldn't make out the plate ID..

they book it and take off, I bet they didn't expect that shizz..

Minnesota drivers have their heads up their ass's in the worst way (o offence to polite drivers on here) 9/10 are gabbin on cell phones.. semi trucks try and give me highway enemas and all the full size truck owners seem to hate mini trucks so they ride ass with their headlights right in your rear window..

California drivers sorry to say, are far more courteous, either that or they assume your gonna brake check em so they keep their distance.

I never had my butt pucker up so much in the slow lane like I do here in Minnesota..

The winter time will sort all of the idiots out, we'll see em in the ditch ;)

Matt Herring 10-30-2008 01:31 AM

dthis falls under the "you know youre an ecomodder if" thread...

any chance you have a scanguage hooked up so we can get te stats from your bicycle chasw? lol! d

Chris D. 10-30-2008 01:36 AM


Originally Posted by Matt Herring (Post 70051)
dthis falls under the "you know youre an ecomodder if" thread...

any chance you have a scanguage hooked up so we can get te stats from your bicycle chasw? lol! d

its documented in my fuel log on 2008-04-11

whats with the backward dating on the fuel logs?

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