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Mrtony5 12-15-2018 09:51 AM

I'm back. previous civic owner now Chevy cruze
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Hello all, I was ecomodding back in 2010 with my 92 civic hatchback. After 280000 miles I sold it and bought a 2003 civic hybrid with 150000 then drove it into the ground and at 260000 sold it. My commute dropped way down to around 10 miles a day due to new jobs and moving. I made the ultimate young man mistake and bought a 2005 ford f150 5.4 gas hog. 15 mpg. Drove it for about a year but now I'm look at becoming a firefighter with a 160 mile commute again so I'm going back to "ecomodding" got a sweet deal on a 2012 Chevy cruze eco 6spd with 100xxx miles. Only taken one trip in it so far and avg. 38mpg. I know I plan on reversing the belly pan recall but not sure what else I can do modding wise that the wife wont notice( she never liked my crazy eco mods on my civics.) If you guys have any advice of what has worked with out to much change to looks let me know. Cant wait to start challenging myself again.

mpg_numbers_guy 12-15-2018 09:56 AM

Belly pan, black coroplast grille block behind the stock grille, black vinyl wheel covers behind the alloy wheels. Kill switch & warm air intake. I predict close to 45 MPG if you're at 38 MPG. :thumbup:

old_biker 12-15-2018 10:27 AM

I just looked at a Honda Civic hybrid,& walked away. after reading so much on CVT transmission issues, & taking it for a test drive, it completely stalled on hill, it wouldn't climb, just a steep road in a local neighborhood, I had to back down & turn around & go back normal way. ended up buying a Chevrolet Aveo, which is how I found this forum.

I also have a 2004 F150 with 5.4. it gets 17.5-18.2 mpg, but it was for use as a truck & I had a 1997 Honda Accord with almost 400K that blew, so been driving my gas hog until I could find something economical.

Mrtony5 12-19-2018 01:29 PM

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Got my new splash sheild in. $30 from rockauto. It's from a buick verano. For some reason they use the same panel but didnt get the recall.

Mrtony5 12-19-2018 05:25 PM

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Got it installed. Took about 30 mins those pesky push rivets. Dont buy the screws from the dealer they are $5 each. Get some #10x3/4 sheet metal screws and some washers. Look at the hack job from the dealer. I'm told this will work on all 2011 to 2017 cruzes. 13 to 17 you will need to get the j nuts from the dealer for the center 2 bolts. 2011 and 12 you should already have them there.

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