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FalconFour 01-14-2013 03:29 AM

"Infinite MPG" die-cut decals (white, silver, yellow) - $5 shipped
Inspired by a "50 MPG" decal I saw on a Prius one day, I decided to set out and create an "Infinite MPG" decal for my (100% electric) Nissan LEAF. Because no matter how high some car's rated MPG may be, nothing will ever beat a LEAF at Infinite MPG! (No offense to Prii. Much respect for the Prius that brought "electric" into public view!)

Just $5 shipped anywhere in the US, including APO/FPO. Not sure how to handle international orders - suggestions are very much welcomed in this thread.

Yellow, intended to match the sky-blue colored LEAF. Silver, to match the silver and new "slate" colored LEAF. White, to match the red, white, and black LEAFs. Of course, the color is up to you, and this also works great on other cars like the Mitsubishi i, the Tesla Roadster and Model S, and any conversions 8-)

I've got a website and "cart" set up for these stickers, and I process orders every day in my LEAF! 8-)

Order here: | Infinite MPG Stickers

Feedback, suggestions, requests, etc. welcome :D

Insight for life 06-10-2013 11:33 PM

are you still active on this site?

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