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MelissaCombs 10-31-2018 11:06 PM

Insighter there
Yes, I have two Honda Insights (gene 1). My first is a red 2000 I had from '05 and the latest is a silver '03 with a bad battery pack that is getting a new pack from Bumblebee Pin of Portland OR. I also put a new clutch and catalyst in silver, but she has 333k miles and a mpg of 63.7. I currently have a silver battery pack and am confused at how to remove the orange headboard at each end of the 6 "sticky" batteries. If anyone knows or has a link, that would be appreciated. Oh yeah, does anyone find a 165 wide tire not Bridgestone or Michelin expensive? Later.

euromodder 11-03-2018 11:13 AM

Welcome to ecomodder !

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