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NeilBlanchard 06-27-2009 09:03 PM

Instrumentation FAQ

I have some questions about some of the ScanGauge II values:

What does LOD mean?

What does IGN mean?

What setting is most useful for accelerating/pulsing?

Another question I have is whether it is possible calibrate the distance used, or is this fixed to the value coming from the car?

abcdpeterson 06-27-2009 10:12 PM

From Page 6

LOD = Engine Loading
This is a percentage of the maximum power
available currently being generated. In some
vehicles it is the maximum available at the present

IGN = Ignition Timing
Shows the amount of timing advance (or retard).
The more advance there is (or less retard), the better
for fuel economy and power. The limit is set by the
octane of the fuel, the intake air temperature, and
the load on the engine. A lower than normal amount
of advance for similar temperature and speed could
indicate too low an octane of fuel is being used.
LOD is most useful of the 2 for pulsing. I shoot for 75 during Pulsing.

IGN can be interesting to watch, higher advance (IGN) number the higher your instant mileage will be.

I would recommend setting scangauge to show
1. Instant FE
2. Load (70's and shift around 2000)
3. current trip FE (set up an x-gauge for that one) see how things are adding up.
4. coolant temp - I don't get as good from pulsing until 142f.

Page 17

Both speed and distance can be adjusted to compensate for changes in
tire size, gears, tire wear, etc..

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