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Lazarus 12-26-2007 11:01 AM

Interesting video: camera records internal combustion process
I can't get this to work right so here's he link from You-tube. If some one wants to set the link up feel free.

ICE combustion process.


MetroMPG 12-26-2007 01:45 PM

Cool. I wonder how many cycles ran before the camera lens (fibre optic?) was ruined...


FYI, the format for linking YT videos is...

1) take the original YouTube link:

2) Remove "watch?" and "=", and enclose the remaining "v" in forward slashes...

3) put the link between the YouTube tags... (note - no spaces between the square brackets & "youtube")


[ youtube ][ /youtube ]
You can type in the YT tags, or insert them via the YouTube button in "Preview Post" or "Advanced" edit mode.

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