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bgd73 09-02-2009 01:01 PM

interior car clean
Another fact of cars performance is the interior. there is a fuse box, there is alot of things with hints of copper ends plugged in to whatever. upon buildiung my own pc, I have found filth attrcted to them. Unstoppable, unless to slow the fans. this means power consumption. Knowing there is invisibles spewed by cars and trucks all around us every ride, a vent open on anice day, the heater fan motor on for a/c or or just on..
there must be a layer hidden in the car like a pc.
I grabbed a 4-n-1 bathroom cleaner that remoives limestone deposits, this was a key for minerals in general..anyhting metal..mercuries, etc etc.
Sure enough, the car stayed the same colors, and filled the rag with gray..a metal.
A thought to ponder.
alot of car cleaners stay oh so gentle and do not get the real stuff. Some even use "armor all" and other plastic covers trapping in the invisible goop forever. Do not assume your nice smelling newer car gets away with get air from outside too..

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