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larrybuck 07-14-2022 04:54 PM

The ironies of life!
Everybody knows that we've all been going through hard times and it looks like it might stay that way indefinitely. We can all have a bad day and sit around moping about it, but we all know it doesn't take a very long look to find somebody that's having a much harder today than you are. So I thought it might just be a little bit of fun, to share antidotes. So that later on, when you're feeling mopey, all you have to do is come back to here and you'll feel better reading about everybody else's situations! So I will kick this off with a few examples. A relative of mine has a girlfriend who had a pretty nice looking sporty car. Three of the wheels on it were in good shape but one was curb rashed pretty bad and she wanted a replacement. The car was several years old, so it took my relative plenty of Internet searching time to finally find one. They waited for it to arrive and then my relative added two front tires to finish the situation. So, the very next day the girlfriend was a few blocks away from home, the car was T-boned heavily, totaled. How about a mice problem in your shop? One afternoon I got busy and spread out three different large piles of what looks like miniature corn cobs packaged like cookies in a rectangular flat package. Usually I would wait until close to early evening to set it up, but one particular day, I decided I just wanted to do it earlier. I get it all set up, and went to the house for a couple minutes, and when I come back everything is gone. Living in a rural situation, I have a neighbor that pretty much lets their little dog loose and it goes wherever it wants during the day, and most of the time, that's okay with me. But the dog is an eating machine and will eat anything. I was shocked one day when I threw him an Apple and he ate it. When delivery trucks come here, the drivers baby him and give him snacks. So he eats everything and anything. I alerted my neighbors to the fact that this had happened and they just kind of blew it off, saying oh well, because he's eaten bad things before and somehow lives through it. Well that's enough for now. I've broken the ice. What are some unique situations that have happened to you or other situations that you simply know about? For everybody's safety, don't say anything too personal. I'm sure there are some fantastic stories out there!

redpoint5 07-14-2022 07:28 PM

Pretty sure that rat poison will kill a dog if something isn't done to counteract it soon enough. Although I have a low tolerance for owners that abuse their pets by neglecting discipline, it's a real shame the animals suffer the consequences of their laziness, inattention, and infantilization.

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