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Human Environmentalist
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Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Oregon
Posts: 10,227

Acura TSX - '06 Acura TSX
90 day: 28.24 mpg (US)

Lafawnda - '01 Honda CBR600 F4i
90 day: 47.32 mpg (US)

Big Yeller - '98 Dodge Ram 2500 base
90 day: 21.82 mpg (US)

Prius Plug-in - '12 Toyota Prius Plug-in
90 day: 57.64 mpg (US)

Mazda CX-5 - '17 Mazda CX-5 Touring
90 day: 26.71 mpg (US)

Chevy ZR-2 - '03 Chevrolet S10 ZR2
90 day: 17.14 mpg (US)
Thanks: 3,550
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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Yeesh! Has it been that long already?
You were a pioneer to this forum. I was rather late in comparison, though I'm sure I had read posts on here prior to signing up.

I used to spend all my forum time in specific auto forums and slickdeals.net /podium.

Gas and Electric Vehicle Cost of Ownership Calculator

Give me absolute safety, or give me death!
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Diesel Doer!
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A decade from now, what do you think will be your biggest automotive change?

I will be car shopping at one of the last three remaining auto manufacturer's dealership.
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Germantown, WI
Posts: 11,180

CM400E - '81 Honda CM400E
90 day: 51.49 mpg (US)

Daox's Grey Prius - '04 Toyota Prius
Team Toyota
90 day: 49.53 mpg (US)

Daox's Insight - '00 Honda Insight
90 day: 64.33 mpg (US)

Swarthy - '14 Mitsubishi Mirage DE
90 day: 56.69 mpg (US)
Thanks: 2,479
Thanked 2,546 Times in 1,536 Posts
Happy birthday Ecomodder!

Big thanks to all who come here and contribute. Its such a great place because of you guys. Darin and I really appreciate it.

In 10 years.... I'll definitely be driving an EV. Not sure what though. I'll probably go through a half dozen vehicles on the way too hah.
Current project: A better alternator delete
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EcoModding Apprentice
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Evansville Ill.
Posts: 101

sizematters - '08 smart 4-2 passion cabrio
90 day: 51.99 mpg (US)

escape - '06 Ford Escape xlt
90 day: 26.78 mpg (US)

Buick - '04 Buick Park Avenue Ultra
Team Turbocharged!
90 day: 27.26 mpg (US)
Thanks: 209
Thanked 25 Times in 17 Posts
In 10 years I hope to still be driving my 2008 smart if gas is still available at reasonable prices, if not I might turn it into a trailer and pull it with whatever is available at the time . Chumly

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EcoModding Lurker
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Thomasville, GA
Posts: 27
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I'm still driving a 2000 Insight with 270K. Regrettably I blew the engine in my other 2000 Insight with only 148K. I still have a 1999 Metro as a backup.
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EcoModding Lurker
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: USA
Posts: 95
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Mt biggest automotive challange in the next 10 years will probably be due to various physical limitations associated with advancing age and the challenges / ailments that go with it .

Such as diminishing night vision , difficulty getting in & out of the car & repair work that I used to take in stride / for granted .

Getting old is not for cowards .

God bless
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Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Champaign, IL
Posts: 1,917

Pope Pious the Prius - '13 Toyota Prius Two
Team Toyota
90 day: 51.78 mpg (US)

Tycho the Truck - '91 Toyota Pickup DLX 4WD
90 day: 22.22 mpg (US)
Thanks: 198
Thanked 1,758 Times in 921 Posts
I was just thinking, in 2028 my Prius will only be 15 years old; I expect it will be on its second battery by then, and I'll still be driving it assuming it doesn't rust out in the meantime. It might look quite a bit different by then, given all the iterations it's gone through so far.

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EcoModding Lurker
Join Date: Nov 2018
Location: Spain
Posts: 26

IS - '92 BMW E36 318IS
90 day: 38.73 mpg (US)

90 - '95 Honda Civic EG4 VX
90 day: 43.44 mpg (US)
Thanks: 2
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In 10 years, I expect I will convert my bmw e36 to EV!
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EcoModding Lurker
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: poplar bluff, mo
Posts: 30

Cruze - '12 chevy cruze eco
90 day: 34.45 mpg (US)
Thanks: 1
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In the next decade I would love to convert a 4 door truck to EV. Most likely I'll just have to buy one *cough* *cough* hopefully a tesla
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EcoModding Lurker
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Springfield, VA
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What I'm planning to do:

I'm planning to keep all of my present vehicles in operation and in fine repair. It is possible that the most economical and ecologically friendly vehicle is one that doeasn't have to be made. I'm planning to make incremental changes and improvements to my 4 vehicles and drive the one with the best mpg the most and the one with the worst mpg the least.

I have: 1) 1994 F-150 4.9L manual 5 speed
2) 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 manual 5 speed
3) 2012 Ford Fiesta Automatic
4) 1979 Kawasaki KZ400

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