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jetta2.5L 05-20-2009 05:05 AM

jetta flexfuel convertion to E85
ok here it goes with another crazy idea of mine...over the weekend i spent the weekend researching E85 reason i spent my two week vacation on a roadtrip to IN,NE,SD,WY,CO and so on.....out in the west aka "the cornbelt" E85 is pretty big and i was seeing station selling it for around 1.49 iam saying to my self damn thats pretty cheap compared to gas in my area @ 2.39.9 (keep in mind E85 is 1.89 in my area theres only one station within a 40mi radius that sells it) so i saw a couple of regular old cars filling up on E85 so iam looking for a "flexfuel" or FFV logo ...NONE so i ask one person how'd you do that he said i have a convertion kit and he gave me the website E85 Conversion Kits so i checked it the kit for my car is $349.99 and its a simply install.

heres the thing i wanna it worth it?
because as it stands
GAS is 115,000btus
gas/10% ethanol 110,000btus (most regular gas)
E85 is 82,000btus (i think thats correct)

so iam losing some MPG but the octane is 115

also i drive 30,000miles a year so i wonder if i would break even or better?

last thing as for the warrenty iam not worried because i just blew a 70k out in 2.5years!

chime in iam open to all comments opinions and hatemail :-):thumbup:

Frank Lee 05-20-2009 05:14 AM

Have you searched "E85" and/or "ethanol" here?

No conversion needed on '88-up vehicles if you run 50/50 E85/regular or weaker. Go ahead and experiment with stronger mixtures, that's how I learned my stuff runs on it.

jetta2.5L 05-20-2009 05:27 AM

trick is do you get about the same MPG? i might just give that a shot

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