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Thunder 07-13-2009 07:46 PM

Just some what ifs and maybes.
I am new to the EV world other than what I have been reading around the net and my EV hybrid bike. So for my first dumb question. If I have an EV car with lead acid batteries can I or could I charge the batteries at the same time I was using them. As in a generator in the car charging while I was driving. Now before I make anyone mad or the death treats start I have no plans on putting a gas burning generator in EV a car I have 2 diesel generators that both run on used vegetable oil. :confused:

alohaspirit 07-13-2009 08:00 PM

I actually posted that yesterday.

Heres the link.

post more about those diesel generators

ive done some work with svo and would be interested

Thunder 07-13-2009 08:10 PM

That helps I just wanted to make sure I would not hurt the batteries doing this. The reason I am asking is we all know that lead acid batteries for now are the cheapest to use for EV converted cars. But from work to home its 20 miles 1 way with being 55mph and the other being 35-45. And I go to the beach a lot which is 42 miles 1 way and no where to charge up but I am always there for at least 4 hours or more. So you can see why the extra miles are needed.

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