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ChillyBear 12-10-2013 12:59 PM

Lets get this escort wagon above 40 mpg!
Hey everyone, my name is Nick from central Ohio. Ive been lurking on the skte for two years on and off so now its time for me to get around to modding and posting. About me and my driving habits-
Im a very technical guy who does some 5 mile city trips for work daily and 200 mile highway round trips most every weekend to see my daughter.

My car- Its a beautiful rust free Arizona example of a 1991 Ford Escort wagon 1.9 auto, with 119k currently. It is capable of low/mid 30's on the highway if im drafting semi's or mid-high 20's in the city if I am gentle kn the pedal and patient with its 90hp lack-of-power-plant. The car is currently in stock form aside from polyurethane bushings throughout the suspension, it has a factory roof rack with cross rails, and it has a passenger side mirror, it also has the factory air dam which im pretty sure I bought the last nos one availible online :D
Sooo the starting aero mods are obvious (roof rack and mirror delete), and the factory air dam is soon to be replaced/enlarged with the addition of a full belly pan and possible wheel spats/ faired rear wheels. Also my incredibly hard to bleed ps pump is soon to be converted to a looped rack.

My first question is regarding the hot air intakes ive seen....... How can I tell if MY car will adjust its fuel curve to compensate for the increased intake temperature.... I know that hondas benefit from it, but my engine is a non-so-brilliant creation so I don't know. I can tell you that its fuel injected and it runs like a top, and thats it. And without an obd-2 connection its hard to really know. Any imput would be really appreciated!

spacemanspif 12-10-2013 02:58 PM

Hot air intake should benefit any car that is fuel injected since they SHOULD all measure intake air temp in order to adjust fuel. If not, they should do it using the O2 sensor, either way a HAI should benefit you and the rest of your mods looks like solid choices. If you do a lot of city driving it might be worth it for you to keep your mirrors to change lanes and park safely (if you do a lot of parallel parking)

ChillyBear 12-10-2013 03:22 PM

Thanks for the reply, I have a nice easy way for my WAI. This ought to be a one cigarette job easy ;)

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