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NorwegianChrome 05-18-2019 08:46 AM

A little shout out from Norway.

My name is Johan and I live in Norway although I'm born and raised in Sweden.
Living in Norway with pretty steep prices on fossile driven cars I ventured into electric cars in 2010 starting with two small electric cars called Kewet Buddy Citi-jet. Later on in 2016 I acquired a Kia Soul EV and this is my daily driver currently. I'm atm waiting for a Hyundai Kona EV that's gonna replace the Soul EV. But I'm so pleased with the Kia so it'll probably stick around as a grunt.

I love everything electrical and technical. I actually joined this forum in order to get.good advices on Nissan Leaf drive trains and if this can be combined with my CNC mill in order to get a more mobile solution.

Anyways, I'm always up for a good technical discussion. My speciality is mostly telecom, machining and stuff like that. I work with copper cables and fiber optics in my regular work.

Cheers from Norway!

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