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user removed 08-16-2015 08:44 AM

Low miles
2008 Nissan rogue awd low miles

Hmmmm, 7-8 years old with 138k miles is low miles!

Wonder what the Moron calls high miles?

Been seeing a lot of this lately, I guess truth has become universally optional.


Frank Lee 08-16-2015 09:25 AM

And he sure is breathless about it (or he can't find the "period" key).

Craigslist is but one indicator of the state of education in Duhmerica. Even setting aside the abysmal grammar, spelling, and punctuation, I regularly see gems like:

*The truck has an inline V6. (And: Did you know stock Corvairs have V6 engines? Some CL advertisers say so.)
*It needs breaks. (No, I'll take it without breaks, thank you.)
*It's a 98' Accord. (Hey, my house isn't even 98 friggen' feet long. Where do you park it?)
*It's a hardtop. (Then why does it have B-pillars?)
*It's a 1966 Catalina. (Then why is there a '67 in the pictures?)
*The body is solid. Needs floors and trunk. (How do you define "solid"?)
*If the add is up it's still for sale. (Does he mean the A.D.D. he suffered from while sitting in school for 13 years and learning nothing?)
*Ads in the Free section titled "Free" and ads in the For Sale section titled "For Sale". (No S***, Sherlock. Think I'll open it?)
*Ads for things like clothing or tires with no sizes listed or shown in the pictures. (Yes, I will call you because I want jeans and tires so badly I don't care if they fit anything I have.)
*Pictures taken at night. (Like we won't see what your P.O.S. really looks like once we get there.)

Oof Da, that's enough for now. :/

Xist 08-16-2015 10:23 AM

I think that my Forester has low miles (122k for a 1999), with half of the miles per year as the Rogue.

I do not know about the Corvairs, but here is a Metro with a V6, and nitrous: turbo V6 geo metro

Baltothewolf 08-16-2015 12:25 PM

You wanna know low miles? A 2003 Honda Accord coupe came into the shop with 57,000 miles. Absolutely beautiful car. Also had a Kia Sorento (or whatever their minivan is called) 2001 with only 24,000 on it.

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