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iwcham1979 09-29-2016 11:28 AM

Lupo 3L - a couple of quirks
Guys, I have a couple of questions for the specialist(s) on 3L :)
1. My Lupo sometimes hesitates when engaging reverse. If I shift the lever from N to R, once in say 20 times, the R flashes 2 times, and i hear two clicks instead of one. In the end, the reverse is engaged, albeit with hesitation... Your thoughts on this pls?
2. Sometimes, also rarely, when i drive slowly and in 1st gear and apply a bit more throttle, the engine revs up, but the power is not transmitted to the wheels. Any idea? Worn clutch maybe?

I should mention that I have changed the accumulator (went from 1 to 6 changes in tiptronic), changed the gearbox oil thanks god because the old was very dark and bad (used the correct Fusch Sintofluid 75), did the basic setting, which I am not sure was done appropriately and completely, since there is NO 3l spcialist in my country...
Cheers guys and tnx for advice... The car gives me the creeps since the parts that VW still produces and sells are freakishly expensive (i.e the hydraulic pump is over 800e) and since nobody literally has a clue about the functioning of the car.... When i ordered the pressure accumulator, The VW tech at the dealer opened the box to check whether that was it... He gave it a long gaze and said that he had never seen something like that in his entire life! I hope you can help a bit and point in the right direction.... Cheers!!!

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