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reinhanc 11-02-2008 08:55 PM

Lurking in Iowa
Hello all,

I have been a lurker for a while now and thought I should take a moment to introduce myself. I really enjoy reading about all of your projects and thinking about my own...but they will have to wait until we are done remodeling our house.

The picture is of the cars in our fleet. I drive the 94 Toyota Tercel (Tootsie). Tootsie is the latest addition. She's got a 3 speed automatic (boo!) and working A/C (yay!).

My wife drives a '94 Metro (CoolWhip) that we originally got for a parts car (actually, the Mullet pointed us in that direction based on a post I made here and a Craigslist ad he the time I was looking for a parts car :))

The parts were supposed to be for Ralphie, the '92 Metro Convertible. But after comparing the condition of the body on CoolWhip to Ralphie's body, Ralphie needed a LOT of work...CoolWhip needed none (and got better gas mileage to boot!) So the the cars swapped roles and Ralphie is now our parts car. So in the end we paid about 30% more for our parts car than we paid for our daily driver :p

(So if you're looking for some parts, I may be able to help you out)

The wife drives about 60 miles daily and does pretty good with the fuel economy averaging about 50 mpg.

I have only had a couple of tanks, but so far I've averaged about 30 mpg. If I ever get the time, I would love to swap in a manual tranny for Tootsie. Ah, maybe someday....

Thanks for the great site and I hope I can be more than just a lurker in the near future.


MetroMPG 11-02-2008 09:30 PM

Hey Nathan - welcome to the site.

We've got some Tercel expertise you may be able to use too: moderator Daox knows a few things about those cars.


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