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RustyLugNut 03-02-2017 05:46 AM

It may still be a lab experiment . . .
. . . but it holds much promise. I thought battery tech was down to incremental improvements but this battery formulation is talking about double or triple leaps in energy density.

RustyLugNut 03-02-2017 01:16 PM

A bit more details from Greencarcongress.
Green Car Congress: Goodenough and UT team report new strategy for all-solid-state Na or Li battery suitable for EVs; plating cathodes

Use the link at the end of the article to go to the full download sight ( free ).!divAbstract

I am really excited and flabbergasted about this news as I did not see it coming. The idea of sodium as an ion carrier in a glass (solid) electrolyte is a possible game changer.

Personal electric driven vehicles as well as large transport use are poised to reap benefits.

Daox 03-02-2017 01:30 PM

Very interesting and exciting. I've seen many articles on 'new battery chemistry', this is one of the few that seems to cover all the bases. For example, some mention how much better energy density they have than lithium, but they don't really mention its either not rechargeable, or the cycle life is horrific. That doesn't seem to be the case here. They seem to have improved this battery in almost every way. I will say 1200 cycles doesn't seem anything to brag a ton about, but its certainly not bad.

RedDevil 03-02-2017 02:21 PM

Looks like a 5 cell battery of that type may replace 12V lead acid batteries at some time too. That would benefit all vehicles and billions of these batteries could be sold in a few years.

gumby79 03-03-2017 12:21 AM

-20C /-4F that is a healthy bump. Hopefully this one is like Pb and just takes a charge more slowly till warmed up.
Sub 0 charge capability would open more of the country to electric transportation being feasible. I called the Zero Motorcycle dealer in Missoula Montana who basically told me unless I had a climate controlled garage to charge the Li battery in during the winter (which I dont) stick with gas till the technology cought upto living this far north. Looks like the technology is just around the bend.
One thing the article did not tuch on was discharge rate.

Hopefully within the next 1-3 generations power storage will be a old wives tale. Something to scare the little kids with if they dont behave.

redpoint5 03-03-2017 03:42 AM

Goodenough for me.

Although I highly doubt this will result in a battery "at least triple the energy density".

Even if it does, that would put the battery at an energy density of 3% compared with gasoline.

Reminds me of a recent episode of Nova that discusses the future of battery technology.

Stubby79 03-03-2017 03:57 AM

I'll be in heaven if they put out a battery with triple the energy density and make it as cheap or cheaper than current lithium cells.

rmay635703 03-03-2017 11:24 AM

Single atom thick glass has many uses including rust resistant super strong steel, paint, plastic composites and apparently batteries.

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