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2000mc 09-20-2009 03:37 AM

might need to buy tires quicker than i was planing to
apparently washington thinks they need a bigger cut if i want to buy what i think is the best tire for me, which happens to be a sumitomo t4 manufactured in china, the price might be going up considerably.

well, i thought everyone thought that protectionism was a bad idea... maybe im in the minority

U.S. tariffs on Chinese tires spark concerns over protectionism_English_Xinhua

Obama's order raised tariffs for three years on Chinese tires -- by 35 percent in the first year, 30 percent in the second and 25 percent in the third.

Tire Review - Tire Prices, Jobs, Customers on Line With New Tariff

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. said it will raise prices on most of its passenger and light truck/SUV tire lines by up to 12%

bgd73 09-20-2009 02:54 PM

when mass production exceeds the ability and quality of an entire country it is a "versus" comparison. Protectionism is only an inkling of what my military drove my daydreams of "cure" to ...

its a flood of crap, and always has been. :eek:

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