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zonker 03-01-2011 04:02 AM

Miller Cycle Engine for Project Mustang?
I was daydreaming today about auto parts and my mustang eco-modder project and was thinking...

If I am able to derive over 30 mpg from my 2.3 ohc motor with just playing with the air fuel ratio and maf sensor readings, what could i gainfully accomplish if I was to put together a purpose built smaller displacement miller cycle 4 cylinder motor?

Miller Cycle Info: Miller cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Would a 2.0 liter SOHC Miller Cycle motor be capable of putting project mustang in the 50mpg club?

I'm assembling a parts list in my head right now:
86-88 ford ranger 2.0 block (pistons TBD)
91-93 ford mustang 8 plug head (milled for hi compression)
Custom Cam ground by Web Camshaft
Custom Intake manifold utilizing an eaton supercharger
Moates 1/4 horse EEC tuning

I think I might hit 40mpg now, but it sure would be sweet if I could build this car to produce 150hp and 50 mpg...

thoughts? ideas?

zonker 03-01-2011 11:42 AM

or... in the efforts to save the parasitic losses, make it an atkinson cycle type of motor first (the parts list above, minus the supercharger), and if power was not being produced in sufficient quantity, then add a turbo/manifold etc from a 2.3 t-bird turbo in order to bring power up to a drivable level.

i realize this motor will probably not produce enough manifold vacuum so i'll probably have to run manual brakes, and a vacuum reservoir or even a vacuum pump to control the hvac.

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