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botsapper 09-11-2017 07:18 PM

Mitsubishi-Fuso wants in e-trucking
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck announced the start of production of its all‑electric truck, the Fuso eCanter. The eCanter has an electric motor; 115 kW with a maximum torque of 390 Nm and six battery packs and a total capacity of 82,8 kWh. Class 4 series; 15,995 lb. GVWR and a 9,380 lb payload capacity. It has a of 100 miles, a one-hour quick-charging capability, and an eight-hour overnight full-charging. The truck has flexible battery configurations, users can choose between shorter ranges for larger payloads or full capacity of 100 miles in limited payloads. Mitsubishi-Fuso wants to become the first global manufacturer to produce all-electric trucks in series production.

Xist 09-11-2017 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by botsapper (Post 549620)
It has a of 100 miles

A range of 100 miles?

botsapper 09-11-2017 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by Xist (Post 549621)
A range of 100 miles?

The eCanter is designed for densely populated areas such as Tokyo, Manhattan or London, where there is a constant need for refrigerated food delivery and urban cargo hauling, as explained by product planners for Fuso. Their first-gen truck will have a limited range of 100 miles per charge, so they are availble for lease-only plan for two years. They expect to rapidly replace this first model with newer versions with greater ranges and semi-autonomous technologies.

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