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dmafanp 01-06-2014 01:38 AM

modding jetta secrets .CD (aero tweaks of hybrid vs. non-hybrid Jetta)
The coefficient of drag for all MK6 jettas is .30 but the Hybrid version is .28 I thought how can they do this! i want to do the same to my car ! I viewed pictures of the hybrid and noticed the upper grill was blocked to allow air to swoop over the hood easier this one is obvious by looking at the pic. so i installed this on my car, but i thought this wasent enough perhaps ride height? the hybrid rides the same height as mine so thats not it, then i noticed in the photo a ****in Air DAM ive been dying to air dam my car and now i have a professionally installed scienticically calculated air dam design for me to copy !

i am going to continue to study the jetta and reveal its aero secrets. The bumper has a rear wind defuser which i cannot replicate but i may add an additional belly pan

jeff88 01-06-2014 02:00 AM

Are the hybrid aero pieces plug n play between the hybrid and regular?

dmafanp 01-06-2014 02:03 AM


Originally Posted by jeff88 (Post 405862)
Are the hybrid aero pieces plug n play between the hybrid and regular?

some are some are not,, the upper grill was plug and play a few screws and a sturdy tug to replace, but the rear bumper is probabily much more complicated and expensive not making it worth it.

MetroMPG 01-13-2014 05:51 PM

Secrets revealed!


- A Hybrid-specific air intake [AKA partial grille block] provides a flush seal and controls the flow of cooling air passing through the engine compartment.
- A custom trunklid spoiler
- Custom front airdam
- Extended side skirts
- Underbody trim panels and end plates, diffuser at the rear
Green Car Congress: Volkswagen targeting 5% of Jetta sales in US with new sporty Hybrid model; expected 45 mpg combined

Also, looks like aero wheels on the Jetta.

dmafanp 01-13-2014 07:43 PM


Originally Posted by MetroMPG (Post 407053)

oh nice thanks for posting this,,, i dont know how that rear spoiler does anything its so small any idea how it breaks the wind, whats the principal behind the spoiler on this model,

MetroMPG 01-13-2014 09:02 PM

I'd say it does the same thing as the crisp, vertical corners we're starting to see at the back of more and more cars: creates a 'clean' flow separation point.

UltArc 01-13-2014 09:42 PM

Reviewing the images:

Hybrid:$GPUHPUH/2014/0/F14 0R0R/F56 NT/+/+/+
Base:$GPURPUR/2014/0/F14 0B0B/F56 JN/+/+/+

It does NOT look like they are interchangeable. Maybe you can find one smashed up, and get a bargain on the rear bumper. I would imagine a full underbody would be more beneficial than what the hybrid has (rear and under).

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