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Ryland 04-01-2008 02:44 AM

Moped Shortage?
Sunday I got rid of yet another moped, so I'm down to my Tomos noped/scooter, but in posting an ad on craigslist I started to get calls from people who were 50 to 350 miles away, at first I thought it was a little odd, then I started to get more phone calls so I started asking why they were interested in it if they were 6-7 hour drive away and the one guy said that he started looking locally, then branched out, then out farther, and said that all of the reliable brands of them were being bought up intently, said that even the dealers selling new ones, unless they were selling the Chinese made... and I've worked on enough of those... they often need an over haul when you pull them out of the crate, then you hope that someone you know doesn't buy it so they don't beat you up for selling them crap, if I wanted Chinese made scooters I have a list of 3-4 year old, low mile ones that "don't work" that I can have if I take them away.

Anyone else notice this trend of mopeds and scooters not sticking around the classified ads?

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