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billyfogg 05-13-2013 05:52 PM

MPGuino, MPG calibration G/uSec
Ok so I drive an 1999 Mustang V6, this car is stock with 19# injectors

Here is my issue and I will post here all the information that led me to my problem.

So, my MPG reading goes from 00.0 strait to 999 about 5 mph

I have calibrated my Output shaft sensor to give me the correct speed but, again, my mpg goes straight to 999

I have done this equation to reach my uSec/Gallon

(19 lb/hr) / (6.25 lb) = 3.04 gallons/hour------------(6.25 lbs is the average weight of gasolne at 72 degrees F)

Then, 1 hour is 3,600,000,000 uSeconds

3,600,000,000 uSeconds \ 3.04 g/hr = 1184210526.3 uSeconds/gallon

Is this conversion from pound-per-hour to millisecond-per-gallon right? if not I need some help to tell this MPGuino how much my injectors flow.

If this is right than it may be I hooked it up wrong...slim chance but I suppose a possibility.

Thank You, Billy

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