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dcb 10-24-2009 04:27 PM

Mpguino prebuilt, know what you are buying
Look, all the folks getting in over their heads is depressing.

You are donating to an open source project, not buying a gameboy from wallmart.

If you don't know what the mpguino is and how it works and have a good idea how to install it (or know someone nearby that does) then please don't get one, unless you can live without the $55 donation. There are no warranties or guarantees or anything. We do occasionally reflash them if you pay the all the postage, but only because programming is a royal pain to sort out.

On some levels it is trivial, hook up four wires, but identifying those wires and knowing if it stands a chance of working on your vehicle is not so simple.

Also, it isn't perfect, it is hobby grade, they do occasionally break in the field for any number of reasons, we test them before we ship and that is all we promise to do, the margins are barely enough to bother spending the time making them in the first place.

The mpguino is a community effort, and is a huge investment in time, you are encouraged to contribute by sorting out issues and posting helpful comments, and updating the wiki with vehicle specific settings. If you don't like the state of affairs, you can make it better, it's that simple.

If you have an obd II car (1996 or newer), there are alternatives that come with excellent support (i.e. scangauge) and that are much easier to install. Of course they have their own quirks, and cost 3x as much, but generally any fuel consumption feedback is a good bet.

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