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stewie 04-28-2013 01:27 PM

MPGuino settings for 49 state Honda Civic VX.
Hi guys. I have MPGuino installed ver 0.86 and there is plenty of other settings besides two listed in wiki page. Can someone that had verified accuracy of Guino in real life driving provide those settings below please.
I tried default value for microsec/gal and it seems it provides MPGS too high.
After further tests I found that that 175 tires that are one size over 165 tires affect VSSP/M reading and possible usec so doing testing for both parameters.

My car. 1992 Honda Civic VX (federal, non-cali version, lean burn). Stock wheels and all stock configuration besides 175 instead of 165 tires due to no 165 availability.

Contrast = 52. Looks most clear to me. Brightness = 3.

VSS PULSES/MINUTE = 8208 per wiki page for 165 tires? What is yours in VX?
Testing mine by GPS for 175 tires as tire size effects odo and speedo

Microsec/Gallon = please provide yours in VX and why is yours different?

Pulses/2Rev = ???? Please provide yours in VX? Mine is set to 1 per wiki but it's not currently in use per wiki

Timeout = 600000000 ul. 10 min for hopping into convenience store

Tank Gal = 10000 (mine tank always seems like 10 gal). Most VX came with 12 gal. Some like mine came with 10 gal.

Injector DelayuS = ???????????????????? PROBABLY IMPORTANT
Currently running default 500 us

Weight (lbs) = 2094 VX stock curb weight

Scratchpad (odo?) = notepad.

VSS DELAY MS = ???????????????????? PROBABLY IMPORTANT. Currently set to 2 us.

INJTRG 0-DN 1-UP =???????????????... 0 currently set.

AndrzejM 04-28-2013 04:08 PM

Hi, I'm using Canadian metric version but it's similar so I'll answer you with my best knowledge.

Timeout = time before MPGuino goes to sleep ;) and it resets current trip counters
Injector delay = time that guino waits before it stop counting time of injector open state. (after current is turned off on the inj it stays open for a while and inj delay is that while)
Scratchpad = not used in v0.86 (as I remember)
VSS delay - time that guino waits before it can read another vss signal
Inj Trigger - If you're reading +12V or ground signal

Current is an average reading from the current trip, instant is a reading in the given moment.

stewie 04-28-2013 04:44 PM

Andrzej czesc Rodaku. Did you leave those below settings at default or did you change them? Here is what i was able to gather from Mpguino 0.86 code

Thank you. That helped a lot. I still would like to find clarification on few parameters like

Pulses/2 revs = 3ul default but Per wiki jap cars are 1. Confused here!????

Injector DelayuS = 500 ul ...that's default but wifi specific for VX is blank. Does that mean 0 or 500...???

VSS Delay ms = 2 ul .....not sure what VX specific would be ???

Her is what i extracted from my 0.86 code and what you provided if anyone whats to use it.

MPGuino Default settings

Cut out of officeal MPGuino 0.86 code
unsigned long parms[] = { 55ul, 8208ul, 500000000ul, 3ul, 420000000ul, 10300ul,
500ul, 2400ul, 0ul, 2ul, 0ul, 0ul };//default values

char * parmLabels[] = { "Contrast", "VSS Pulses/Mile", "MicroSec/Gallon",
"Pulses/2 revs", "Timout(microSec)", "Tank Gal * 1000",
"Injector DelayuS", "Weight (lbs)", "Scratchpad(odo?)", "VSS Delay ms",
"InjTrg 0-Dn 1-Up", "Metric (1=yes)" };

Contrast = 55 ul
VSS Pulses/Mile = 8208 ul Civic VX value
MicroSec/Gallon(Custom Value to car) = 269113500. Yoshi SuperMID designer value custom to Civic VX. Not this is Supermid CPU number not guino.
Pulses/2 revs = 3ul default but Per wiki jap cars are 1. Confused here!????
Timout(microSec) = 420000000 ul ...dispaly timeout. Can be anything.
Tank Gal * 1000 = 10300 ul ...assign custom value to your car = 10000 = 10 gal tank
Injector DelayuS = 500 ul default
Weight (lbs) = 2400 ul default ....change to 2094 lbs
Scratchpad(odo?) = 0 ul
VSS Delay ms = 2 ul
InjTrg 0-Dn 1-Up = 0 ul
Metric (1=yes) = 0 ul

AndrzejM 04-28-2013 07:24 PM

Czesc! :)

Pulses per rev = it depends on the car, the simplest way to be sure that the number you've entered is correct is to check RPMs showed by MPGuino if they corresponding to the tachometer. Basically it means how many injector pulses your engine have per one rev.
After you enter everything you should calibrate it anyway. Just check MPGuino numbers with the pump and correct settings. It's very easy. But remember to check VSS pulses first. You may use GPS speedo to check if speed on MPGuino corresponds to GPS. That's the most accurate IMHO. Then you may calibrate uSec/Gal settings.

One more thing. I'm sure 500us inj delay will be good. But it has to be entered using settings screen, regardless default settings, you need to confirm that. You shouldn't leave this field empty.

NachtRitter 04-28-2013 10:40 PM

Also check out the MPGuino wiki at MPGuino - EcoModder

stewie 04-29-2013 11:41 AM

Andrzej thank you very much. There are few discreptencies between few threads on settings. In wiki i believe it has been established that
1994 Honda Civic VX 49-state 1.5L lean burn 5 spd manual has

vss/m = 8208 MicroSec/Gallon = 0279235000

yet designer of SuperMID, Yoshi claims mics/gal is different. I find Yoshi to be more accurate based on what i know my car does at given time in terms of mpgs. wiki numbers are BIG and seem WAY off.

VSS Pulses/Mile = 8208 ul Civic VX value
MicroSec/Gallon(Custom Value to car) = 269113500. Yoshi SuperMID designer value custom to Civic VX.

Andrzej can you provide more details on how to test this. I think i'm lost a little bit. I will try to re-read this few times and do this but not sure i'm getting it all. Also what concerns me are those few settings that are left at default in MPGuino and for example delay is listed blank so that means zero?, where in mpguino vss delay default is set to 500ms. So is it zero or 500ms. Wiki has blank value so one would assume zero yet default is 500ms. Also does VSS delay matter and what does that mean for results? Those 3 values are my concern below as they are not documented anywhere what it should be set ??? Any ideas?

Pulses/2 revs = 3ul default but Per wiki jap cars are 1. Confused here!????

Injector DelayuS = 500 ul ...that's default but wifi specific for VX is blank. Does that mean 0 or 500...???

VSS Delay ms = 2 ul .....not sure what VX specific would be ???

stewie 04-29-2013 11:45 AM

NachtRitter are you using wiki value for MicroSec/Gallon = 0279235000 or Yoshi SuperMID designer of MicroSec/Gallon(Custom Value to car) = 269113500 ??? By simple eye test looking at MPG while driving Yoshi seems more accurate as it gives me 52 mpgs while driving in 5th gear while Wiki was showing me way this car is doing 80mpgs, however i do realize that those numbers can go up to 120 if you let gas go but this is simple eye test :))) ...btw i really appreciate everyone's help. thank you.

AndrzejM 04-29-2013 04:34 PM


You shouldn't bother so much about initial settings of MPGuino. Really it doesn't matter. I was starting wit MPGuino in Previa then in BMW, and I didn't had a clue about what I should put into initial settings. So I've entered just anything and started to drive. First I've accelerated to 100km/h and checked speed showed on MPGuino screen. I can't remember the exact value but let's say it was 112km/h and 8000 VSS pulses per km for example. So the value was too low. To correct VSS settings I've used a simple equation:

vss pulases in guino * (speed from guino / vehicle speed) = corrected VSS pulses to enter into guino settings

8000 * (112/100) = 8960
After entering correct VSS pulses I started to drive again and I've checked guino speed vs speedometer. It was fairly accurate. You may calibrate it further by comparing long distance guino miles vs miles from odo.

Then I started FE calibration. First you have to fill-up the tank and drive normally for few hundred km/miles, then you fill up and compare numbers from the pump with those from mpguino.

Equation to correct us per galon/litre is similar to that for VSS.

us per galon from guino settings * (MPG from the guino / MPG from the pump) = correct us per galon

MPG from the pump = 62MPG
MPG from guino = 58MPG
us per galon = 8932000 us

8932000 * ( 58 / 62) = 8355742

Other your questions:


Pulses/2 revs = 3ul default but Per wiki jap cars are 1. Confused here!????
Don't over-think that! Can't remember if v0.86 have rev gauge but if it has switch to that screen and check if revs are corresponding to tachometer. If not correct settings accordingly to the difference. Let's say rev meter in guino shows 2000revs/min when tacho shows 1000revs/min and you have 2 pulses per rev in settings. Change it to 1 pulse per rev and voila!


Injector DelayuS = 500 ul ...that's default but wifi specific for VX is blank. Does that mean 0 or 500...???
Leave it with 500us and you'll be fine.


VSS Delay ms = 2 ul .....not sure what VX specific would be ???
If you have stable reading of instant speed don't change anything there. If not you may increase a bit the value.

If after distance calibration you'll notice big difference between odo and guino you may check that settings too.

I'm hoping that explain everything to you :)

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

stewie 04-29-2013 06:30 PM

That's great explanation. Thank you. Sorry for so many questions but i'm trying to understand this device better and without set values i just don't know. My tank is just running out now, another day or two so i would like to get settings correct so i can test with full tank. It takes 2 weeks to empty my tank so if i won't get it right it will probably take few tires so few months.

I did GPS speed test today and MPGuino showed slightly slower speed then GPS app on my phone. I believe GPS on my phone showed same speed as speedometer in car HOWEVER my speedometer in car is incorrectly slightly as my tires are one size bigger 175 instead of 165 as you that's how i bought the car. So if i understand you correctly my vss/m and MicroSec/Gallon will be different then default of (vss/m = 8208 MicroSec/Gallon = 0279235000) due to slightly bigger tire size?

Should i adjust VSS delay to get speed right or VSS value? Also mpguino does not have rpm guage. I do notice instant mpg changes as soon as i change any values including REVS and Delays.

WD40 04-29-2013 07:43 PM

stewie, the wiki 0279235000 is way too high heres what I use

Contrast = 55
VSS Pulses/Mile = 8208
MicroSec/Gallon= 0257763367
Pulses/2 revs = 0
Timout(microSec) = 20000000
Tank Gal * 1000
Injector DelayuS = 500
Weight (lbs) = 2021
Scratchpad = 0
VSS Delay ms = 2
InjTrg 0-Dn 1-Up = 0
Metric (1=yes) = 0

I have used these #'s for over 55,000 miles
the mileage dead on
the MPG is off a bit trying new # 0257072561 I'll let you know how close that is in a tank or 2

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