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dom444 03-17-2013 07:12 PM

Mpguino software for older cars with carb
I am new here and have built the Mpguino very nice circuit, but I have an older car with a carb has anyone moded the software to run on a flow sensor pulses and maybe ignition pickup circuit for rpm I have orderd a flow sensor on ebay that they use for the new coffe machines

I need to test if the plastic withstands petrol but at only $8 to buy can't go wrong
they come in 3mm and 2mm bore sizes and would do the job well as they measure the amount of liquid to fill a cup
I think this would make the unit universal and could be used on any car

RobertISaar 03-17-2013 08:59 PM

know what kind of signal it will output? i see it indicating a square wave, which may work, you'll just have to mess with the uSec/mSec per gallon calculation a lot to get it to match up.

dom444 03-17-2013 09:11 PM

I will try that but from what i understand about the software it calculates MPG by the injector pulse width wouldn't it need to be changed to pulse rate?

AndrzejM 03-18-2013 04:24 AM

You can find some information here: The issue is the same for carb and old diesel engines.

Teemo 03-18-2013 06:38 AM

Hello dom444
Do you have some more detailed information about that flow sensor? I have also searched for flow sensors suitable for fuel flow measuring.

dom444 03-18-2013 08:45 AM

Not much to tell I don't have mine yet just ordered it, I have 2 coming but they are only about the $8 dollar price on ebay from china they are designed for the coffee machines.

type in ebay "coffee flow" in a world wide search

they operate on 5-24v and have a pulse output they don't supply anymore information than that, when I get them will be able to tell you more. I also need to make sure they can withstand petrol.

dom444 03-18-2013 08:49 AM

here is some info I found on one of them:

For the sense of the water flow rate on the following equipments: Thermostatic water heater, water purifier, water dispenser, smart card equipment, coffee machine etc.

frequency =26*Q(Q: L/min) , Inner diameter :3.0mm,Flow rang:0.5-5L/min

Maximum current:15mA

further searching says they are made from Polyoxymethylene or POM material
which according to Wikipedia is also used for fuel senders.

Teemo 03-18-2013 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by dom444 (Post 361964)
further searching says they are made from Polyoxymethylene or POM material
which according to Wikipedia is also used for fuel senders.

All right, this is promising. Please let us know when you get them.
Do you have fuel system with return line or without?
With return line system two sensors are needed -- one for forward flow, one for back flow. Hopefully then we can program mpguino to measure the difference between flows, and calibrate it. It shouldn't be very difficult.

dom444 03-18-2013 06:31 PM

Mine is standard four cylinder petrol car fills the carb then stops should be easy as long as there is enough flow but i think the flow meters are a paddle wheel design with a hall sensor so should still turn even on low flow rates i would think.

dom444 03-21-2013 09:50 PM

just received the first sensor have a pic of it disassembled very simple design and has 2 extra holes in the turbine blade for additional magnets if required to increase the pulse count per liter or gallon.

here is a small video of the sensor working pulses showing on an LED

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