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93civicvx 10-21-2011 09:08 PM

MPGuino Worth EVERY penny !!!!
I have had the MPGuino installed and dialed in for about 5 months now and can personally say that it is worth it !!
I see no other way to gauge your driving habits/conditions on the fly without having this little rascal installed !
I had an unusual glitch with mine when I originally installed it that was a chip failure, but contacted the seller, sent it in, paid for the repair and got it back. It did take a bit of time for that whole scenario to play out, but worth it.
So, PROPS to the MPGuino Brainiac who built it !! :thumbup::thumbup:

jakobnev 10-22-2011 05:50 AM

It's hard to quantify the results, but i think mine is giving 100-200% annual returns. Which is much better than for example, my LED DRLs which only give ~33%, which is still a lot better than the stock market or a bank account.

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