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ATaylorRacing 08-18-2008 06:20 PM

My best and worst FE in one day: 55 & 42
I bought my 96 Geo Metro a week ago wednesday to use as a delivery "truck" for Mustang rims that I sell. My normal driving includes drivinmg 3-8 over the limit, but EOC and decently low rpm shifting. If the limit is 70 I do 65-70 depending on the traffic and conditions. Driving like this I headed out on a 277 mile delivery with 92 lbs of 55 mpg,:turtle: but on the way back I stepped it up to 70-75 on the interstate, and 70 every place else, including 55s.....had to get home to give meds to 42.:eek: The real time saved was 20 minutes, but I needed it.

In the 12 days I have had this car I have saved a bit over $100 in fuel and driven it over 2000 miles!:thumbup:

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