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Toretto 02-07-2022 03:00 AM

My quick intro
Hello all you ecomodders,

As is expected I will properly introduce myself.

I'm a professional car technician since 2011. The car hobby started at birth.
I read and research much about the subject since the age of 9.

There are always idea's and projects in my head, it can be messy, it can be gold.
In 2020 I started reading about aerodynamics and one of the books was written by Julian Edgar. I'm a big fan since then.

The opinions on this forum are somewhat diverse, but I also tend to believe in measuring instead of guessing. And I find it easy to trust someone who also posts about the failed improvement attempts. (And how would you know if not by measuring?)

Anyway, I hope to bounce ideas off you all. To share my 2 cents. Help where possible. And hopefully also receive help where wanted/ needed.

I have a very special build in mind / in the works.
All shall be shared on the forum.

Have a lovely day

Vman455 02-07-2022 01:16 PM

Welcome! I'll be curious to see what you have in mind and results of your testing.

MetroMPG 02-07-2022 06:43 PM

Welcome! Looking forward to more details of your project.

Rcnesneg 04-08-2022 02:37 PM

Welcome Toretto!

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