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ATaylorRacing 10-13-2008 05:07 PM

My SRT4 and a .000 RT = Runnerup at the Stick Shift Nat'ls!
Remember...this is off topic, but the car does get 32.8 mpg while sometimes running 12 second 1/4 mile ets on street tires.

Well gang, I went into the United Manual Transmission Racers series final race Saturday thinking I was in 8th, but an update in points put me down to 13th....which was what I kinda thought previously. The Stick Shift Nationals was held at Edgewater near Cincinnatti and was double pts. I finally found how to get acceptable traction in 1st gear, but when I did the clutch would slip a TON, so I airred the Hoosier A6 DOTS up to 21 from 13 and just played with the gas pedal for 1st gear and hoped for the best. At US 41 last Sunday I got a 13.04 at 109 with a 1.97 short time, which would have been a 12.97 if I had taken out the passenger seat and the baby seat and his toys. With the 21 psi DOTs I this rac e I ran from a 13.32 to a 13.46 at 107-108 mph. That mph with my spinning 2.1s short times fooled some of the Mustang guys that had 1.6-1.9 short times to lift early since they thought I missed a gear! It was a record field of 104 cars and it took 7 rounds to win! In the quarter finals I had a perfect RT of .000 against the pts leader and won, got a bye run in the quarter finals since the 10.0 Fairlane and 12.0 Mustang both already had one. In the final I lost on a break out to the Tang. I had the better light in every round, but his 12.022 on a 12.02 did me in. He also ran a 12.022 on a 12.02 to beat the ten second Fairlane.

AND, I ended up either #3 or #4 in their pts. I was not counting the top 3 guys in pts so they might have lost earlier. If the guy in second place did not enter I might be second! I know the pts leader is still leading because I met him in the 4th round. I had missed 6 races in the series to race pts at Indy....I would been points champion if I made those 6 races and won only one round per race!

BUT, I did what I set out to do:

Finish in the top 10 pts so I can get money at the banquet:thumbup:
Not totaly ruin my clutch so I can still drive it till the Krieg replaces it:o
Had a better RT than all my opponents:cool:
And make it into the quarter finals to make $$$:D

I have been seriously drag racing since 1983 and this was my 1st ever perfect RT. I never aimed for it, it just happened when I was trying for a decent one of .035 or better.

meemooer 10-13-2008 11:35 PM

nice man. It's always a good day at the track when your doing well.
What kind of work do you have on the car? A guy i work with has one, and just dyno'ed 300hp/375tq at the wheels. He wont race it this year because he needs some tires. Just curious

ATaylorRacing 10-14-2008 06:50 AM


Originally Posted by meemooer (Post 67045)
nice man. It's always a good day at the track when your doing well.
What kind of work do you have on the car? A guy i work with has one, and just dyno'ed 300hp/375tq at the wheels. He wont race it this year because he needs some tires. Just curious

It sounds to me that he has a stage 3 or modded stage 2 set up. The stock set up = 230 hp, stage 2 = 260 , stage 2 with toys = 285 , stage 3 = 305, and with toys 355! The toys is a ECU that at the flick of a switch is set up for race fuel and has a fine mist of water that sprays on the intercooler. My mods are as follows:

This is the car that I bought on Feb 13th and took to US41 on May 4th. Bone stock it ran 13.86, 13.84, & 13.88 at 100-101+. That was on regular street tires and side stepping the clutch as if I were driving on the street normally. I was leaving at abought 2500 and it had a best 60' that day of 2.000, which HAD been the best for a long time.

Chris Kreig did the Stage 2 with his own bleed system to lean it out. The car stock got 31.0 best mpg, but now has gotten 32.8! The next step was solid mts all around, Mopar shifter, Mopar CAI, & Mopar exhaust. From here on out traction has been a big problem, even when I mounted some 245/50/15 Hoosier R6 DOT tires, 1st gear I'd still launch like I did before, go into spin immediately, back pedal and kind of slightly spin till 2nd. The best 60's were in now 2.0s still. Boost would spike at about 18-19 and settle down at 16. The cars best run was 13.55 at 103.99. The next mods he did was a BFMIC, rebuilt waste gate with stiffer springs, and a manual boost controller. The cars new best time was 13.04 at 109+ with a 1.97 60' time. I found some extra traction by making 14 passes at US 41 3 and 2 Sundays ago while letting air out of the R6 tires on every pass. BUT....when I got it down to 13 psi I hooked decently well with a 1.93 short time, still spinning, but not as bad but then the clutch was slipping B A D! I aired the tires back up to 21 and though I have a lot of spin and have to back pedal once the 60s are back above 2.0s and the car runs consistantly in the 13.32-13.46 at 107-108 mph and the clutch no longer slips. Before next year he'll put in a new clutch pack and I might go with M/T ET Street slicks, or real slicks. The 13.05 pass was done after I put the passenger seat back in, the baby seat back in, and a box of his toys. If that extra 60 lbs was out of the car my drag strip ET/HP cal shows the pass would have been a 12.97. The passes that are even lower in the 12s was with a lot of wt out of the car, gutted interior, but all the info here is with the full interior back in, or 60 lbs out. I have a family and it is a 4 door soooooo, made it family friendly again!:rolleyes:

I forgot to mention that now the boost spikes differently in each gear....and before it settles down at a much slower rate I am already shifting into the next higher gear!
1st spikes at @ 23
2nd = 25
3rd = 26
4th = 27
These numbers are estimated off of the stock gauge...I am sure they are reallyless. The 25 occurs with the needle straight down and the 27 the needle is about a 1/4" left of straight down! Absolute kick in the ass when on the street and already moving. My mph is 5-6 quicker than most of the 13.0 cars.

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