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Levi 05-21-2013 06:29 AM

My Toyota Yaris D4D 60mpg+ avg
Hi There,

I'm from the Netherlands , 20 years old, student automotive.

When I just got my driving license I drove this Austin Mini Van 1.3 which we still have (in a deep sleep, in a small corner in the garage)

Then I got myself an other mini (the left one :thumbup: ) :

My daily car is a 2004 Toyota Yaris P1 , 1.4 D4D. In the past 12 months I averaged pretty good (62 mpg) , but I already averaged 79 mpg in the summer using 'hypermilling methods'. Factory average fuel consumption is 54 mpg.
The car mods :
Removed rear seat and parcel shelf
Toyota T-sport alloy wheels (15 inch instead of the stock 14 inch steel )
15mm lowered ( complete T-sport suspension)

Not so good eco mods :
185-55-15 all weather tires ( E category on fuel consumption )
Toyota t-sport side skirts
Toyota T-sport front seats (kind of bucket seats )

i'm pretty handy whit cars so I do everything myself. Including air-conditioning and cruisecontrol builds.

A might have an other nice eco project but I will tell you guys later about it..


wdb 05-21-2013 06:44 AM

Hello and welcome. I love the Minis! Especially the picture of a "real" Mini and a newer Mini next to one another. I had a 1964 Mini Cooper and a 1965 Mini Countryman once upon a time.

elhigh 05-21-2013 08:28 AM

Man, I'd rather drive the Mini - the original one.

I'm not familiar with the nomenclature on your Yaris, is that a diesel?

(pause for Wikipedia)

I see that it is. That, I think, is probably pretty close to the intellectual successor to the original Mini.

cRiPpLe_rOoStEr 05-22-2013 04:18 AM

Nice rides.

Levi 12-16-2013 06:13 AM

A few weeks ago i lost my Toyota Yaris D4D in a crash. A BMW X6(M) crashed in the back of my car with 45 mph.

In this movie you can see how the crash happened. I needed to brake because 2 trucks were coming in my lane. I stopped, but the guy behind me didn't noticed anything:

My car was completely twisted, the rear axle is moved 2 inches forward. It dented the fuel tank and boot floor.

I thank god could step out of the car, whit a big whiplash and concussion.

My new car is a newer Toyota but a smaller one (also 4 euroncap stars). A 2009 Toyota Aygo 1.0 Dynamic Blue

I already averaged 54.6 MPG, in the winter.


Daox 12-17-2013 12:45 PM

I'm glad to hear you're okay Levi!

How are you liking the Aygo vs the Yaris?

Levi 12-17-2013 01:31 PM

Well, the Aygo is 5 years younger than the Yaris. The quality on the Aygo's interior is a bit low on some points. But Being newer it feels better, the car even smells new inside. There a no rattles in the the dash ore suspension. Witch i do had in the Yaris.

The wind noise on the highway is better in the Aygo than the Yaris.

The suspension is a bit harder than the Yaris (stock), you can compare it with the t-sport suspension i put on the Yaris. A bit harder, so more feedback. I like that. It doesn't roll fast in the corners, and when it does you get oversteer. The (optional) ESP copes with that very well.

An other big difference is that the Yaris has hydraulic power steering compared tot the Aygo's electric system. You get more feedback with hydraulic systems that's for sure, but you still feel exactly what the car is doing in the corners with the Aygo. On the highway the electric power steering is off so it feels the same as the hydraulic.

The standard seats are better in the Aygo than the Yaris. They give you a bit more support in the corners and i don't get any back pain during long drives.


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