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ih8winter 03-02-2011 12:57 PM

Near London Ont Canada, saying hi.
Thought I'd say hi before we begin picking your brains :)
I'm a father of a just turned 16 yr old that loves the idea of wind turbines, solar, electric vehicles, hybrids, etc. He's expressed an interest in possibly becoming an engineer recently and I figured he may be able to gain valuable experience if we took on a project.
I'm not too sure at this point if we can it swing financially, but my hope is for us to build a hybrid of some type. We're not wealthy so we may have to substitute a little inginuity sometimes instead of just buying parts. Pure electric would be fantastic, but our rural location makes longer trips necessary and I'm not sure if all electric would work in our situation. I'm not an engineer or mechanic, but I'm comfortable and familiar with cars and repairing/maintaining our own. I can weld, and have a descent assortment of hand tools, etc. My kids smart and I want to help him learn whatever I can. Some father son quality time would be coooool as well.
Nice to be here.

redyaris 03-02-2011 02:11 PM

An idea you may want to consider is an electric assist bicycle of some sort that you can aero mod for better range and utility. This is a human power / electic hybrid you could even try to provide some sort of solar charging.

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