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Bullyveldt 10-28-2008 07:27 PM

New Canuk with in progress WVO Burban and 40+MPG Swift
Hello all. Been reading the site for a while now after I bought my Swift a few months ago to learn about them and getting good mileage.

Now first let me tell you I am a glutton for fuel. I have always used big cars and Big trucks. But when my last purchase was being considered I had recently moved and needed something economical. So I found a used 130K mile swift for 1800 dollars. So far I have increased the mileage quite a bit.

My other project is my diesel suburban which is half converted to used SVO or WVO. Problem is I have recently moved and need to secure new WVO. But I am down to the fuel system and hooking up my soloniods. Already have the coolant plumbed to the veggie tank with the hot fox.

And lastly the car I won't be adding to the garage and tracking its fuel use is my toy car, a 96 Impala which I've added a 396 ci, 520hp stroker motor too and gets 8 MPG or so. Like I said, it's a toy. Something to take to the drag strip and cruise nights.

I'll tell you one thing tho, the swift is starting toi rack up the miles becasue like I said I'm a fuel glutton, and me and my family love to drive all over just to get out and go places. At least now it's 30 bucks a tank :) vs 140 bucks a tank with the burban :(

Johnny Mullet 10-31-2008 07:48 AM

Welcome! I was also a fuel hog till I got my 1998 Metro. Been driving large cars and pickups for years.

MetroMPG 11-06-2008 07:44 PM

A belated welcome to EM, Bullyveldt!

I visited Newfoundland for the first time last summer. Had great weather (!) and met some good people while checking out St Johns and hiking a bit of the East Coast Trail south from there, past Petty Harbour. Really enjoyed the place a lot. Where are you? (Roughly is OK, if you don't care to be specific.)


Bullyveldt 11-06-2008 07:50 PM

Coming from Northern Ontario anywhere here is close. I am in Conception Bay South, Kelligrews area, 2 min walk to the ocean. I love it it's great. One of the perks of the military posting us every 4-5 yrs. I work in St John's so it's a 40km commute. Hence finding the Swift and this site ;)

the Impala was using about 20 dollars a day in premium to do that commute and the Suburban was using about 15. So now the Swift uses about 5 and I hope to drop it as much as I can. Been reading your mods well before joining the site and trying to get ideas. I don't have the sipping little 3 cyl, I have the big block 4 banger grrrr...

I have been to many areas of Nfld now, down the burin penisula, all over the Avalon, I do lots of exploring. I did the same when I was in Alberta and when I was posted in Borden, near Barrie, so not too far from yourself. Yup I must say the hiking here is incredible. Best I have ever experianced and I have been to the rockies. Something about water right close that does it for me, guess that happens when you grow up on Lake superior.

MetroMPG 11-06-2008 08:50 PM

Oh, the extravagantly powerful 4-pot. Lucky you. Maybe you need it on some of the hills though!

I've hiked a few of the local hills/mountains around Vancouver a bit too. The day hike up "the Chief" by Squamish is just spectacular. Majestic. The wet coast people are nice too, but nothing like the Newfoundlanders I met.

I feel the same about water. (Have family in T.Bay too.) I once went to land locked Raleigh, N.C., and felt a bit stir crazy (and thirsty :D) the whole time I was there.

Bullyveldt 11-06-2008 09:37 PM

Yes the people here are nice, and very friendly, but I will have to say that almost anywhere I went the people were pretty good with a few exceptions(certain areas of TO and Brampton). Yes the 4 banger does get worker on a few hills and I would think I may even have to shift to third had I the 3 banger.

When I feel a need for speed I take out the Impala, nothing like 520 horses to get you over the next hill, and a bit of speed to coast over the next two.

I think the big thing for me right now here is staring at the ocean with the fall winds coming strong. That ocean is so powerful its nuts, but I guess it's no surprise with 80-100kph winds helping.

My daughter likes jumping in the swells at the beach this past summer, mind you I was right there if she did get pulled off her feet, she's such a fish, like her dad.

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