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Fat Charlie 07-20-2011 09:41 PM

New to EOC.
I've just recently started working on EOC. It's already given me a huge jump from 28-9 mpg tanks to 31-2 mpg tanks. Where hypermiling has made the near mythical LGT 400 mile tank a given, hypermiling with EOC has put me in a good position to get regular 500 mile tanks.

So I'm a little over halfway through my fourth tank using EOC and I'm noticing new things and running through beginner learning experiences. To date:

-I've got to work out that kill switch. It would make shutting off a whole lot smoother, I wouldn't lose "credit" for the distance traveled while the key is off and I wouldn't have to wait for Torque to get back in touch with the ECU. I hate being without that load gauge.

-Torque maxes out at 255 mpg for its instant readout.

-In my car, bump starting in fifth gear above 10 mph is no problem.

-Bump starting in first gear is bad.

-Not having power brakes is horrible if you:
1) aren't paying attention to the world around you
2) don't know how to drive
3) panic
The third time I hit my brakes in a glide this morning, nothing happened, but with a quick bump start the problem was over. Now I need to familiarize myself with non-power brakes.

-Driving along without the engine running is one of the most thoroughly amusing things I've ever done.

So, what other litle tidbits am I going to come across in the near future?

JethroBodine 07-20-2011 10:53 PM

For me it is about trying new stratagies and reprogramming myself to use the techniques here to their best advantage. I do know that once I started dropping my coast-to speed and using a lower gear(say 3rd instead of 5th for 40-25 mph P&G) my mileage bumped up a good bit. Also, if there is no traffic behind you, it's AMAZING how far you go at 25mph. I'm still learning as well and what I've come up with is; know your car, know your route, and know yourself. If your car likes accelerating at 70% load more than 80%, use it. Find your routes best oppertunities for differant techniques. No two corners/hills/flats are exactly the same. And last, know how good/bad of a driver you are and what you can get out of your machine. Kill switches are wonderful, and I agree, coasting is the closest thing you can get to being a kid again:eek::D.


SentraSE-R 07-21-2011 10:22 AM

Slower is better for mpg. I used to P&G in 4th gear from 25-40 mph. 8 seconds pulse, 24 second glide, 55-60 mpg. Dropped it to 3rd gear from 20-30 mph, and the P:G ratio is about 7 seconds pulse, 40 seconds glide, 60-70 mpg. Just for kicks, I tried 10 miles of 2nd gear P&G (10-20 mph). That's about 3 seconds pulse, 30 seconds glide, and 94.5 mpg! 5th gear highway P&G from 50-60 mph is about 9 seconds pulse, 16 seconds glide, and 45-50 mpg. YMMV with a different engine, tranny, car, etc., but the idea's the same. Your pulse:glide ratio determines your mpg. The more you glide in relation to running the engine, the better your mpg.

dennyt 07-21-2011 12:24 PM

Bump-starting in a corner is interesting if you have power steering. When the power steering pump starts back up, the steering wheel force required to hold a turn decreases, which you have to anticipate or deal with.

I dealt with it by pulling the PS pump and draining the rack :)

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