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pdexta 07-07-2011 03:20 PM

New from FL
Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Scott, from Fort Myers FL. I've always been into cars; just more into performance than the economy so far. I've been itching for a new project and I think a hypermiler may just fit the bill. I've toyed with the idea before but never took the plunge. I figured it was about time to join a forum and get serious about some research.

My current vehicles are a '99 Miata, turbocarged, built motor, that dyno'd 319hp, 292 tq @ 19psi. I've actually managed to get slightly better than rated gas mileage out of it through some under body aero and leaning out cruise fuel trims a bit. I've also got a Ninja 500 for riding when the Miata breaks down. The car I'm in the market for would replace the bike, which works out pretty well with the rainy season moving in here is South FL.

Anyway, that's probably more information that you guys wanted so I'll wrap it up. Looks like a great forum with tons of information to dig through. :thumbup:

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