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yoshirocks702 11-21-2009 12:21 AM

New guy from TO
hey guys im new here, and i have two gas guzzling cars, and a gas sipping scooter, i was looking to get some advice to increase the car's mpg's.

1st car is a 1992 chevrolet cavalier vl, it has the 2.2l 4 cylinder engine (RPO LN2), with the automatic transmission, and so far its getting an average of 21.8 mpg, and most fill ups are in the low 20's, record for the car was a 24.7 mpg. It has new plugs, wires, coolant temp sensor, air filter, cleaned throttle body, and tires are pumped to 35 psi. (In contrast my dad has a 2000 Montana with the 3.4L v6, and gets the same gas milage as my car!!)

2nd car is a 1984 chevrolet camaro z28, it has the 5.0l high output v8 (RPO L69), with the 5 speed manual transmission, and its getting an average of 14.3mpg, with a best of 18.3mpg. It also has a new air filter, plugs, wires, o2 sensor, cap, rotor, base timing adjusted, and tires at 35 psi. Although the engine seems to shake a bit at idle (seems odd with the new ignition parts). I also usually shift around 2250rpm.

I also have a 49cc scooter that gets great gas milage, but the cars seem to take away the benefits lol.

Thanks in advance for the advice.
PS: all 3 vehicles are 100% bone stock

tim3058 11-21-2009 08:09 PM

Hey Yoshi, welcome to EM.
First suggestion:
-Get yourself an MPGuino (mpg display, search the site, dcb sells em pre-built, all you have to do is wire it into the car. It's $55 and pays for itself quickly in improved driving habits.
-Second, change your driving style (easy while watching the MPGuino). Avoiding stopping at red lights is an easy starter.... anticipate the red and brake early, coast to the red in gear, and roll up to the light as the green appears or traffic is moving. Takes far less gas to keep the car rolling than to get it rolling.
-The top 100 tips and 65 mods listed at the top of the page should get you going.
-If the Z is EFI, coasting in gear may cut out the fuel injectors=infinite mpg during decel. An MPGuino will tell you for sure whats happening.
Again, welcome.

PS: Real nice looking Z28 there, I've got a plain '84 fixer-upper

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